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TACTICAL, Folded dipole 1-30 MHz


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The TACTICAL antenna is a dipole folded over a non-inductive load resistor. It is designed to operate from 1 to 30 MHz but especially for an optimal efficiency on low bands, below 10 MHz. It is intended for users who want a fast, operational, broadband and unadjusted antenna : military, professional, SWL, etc.

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Bande de fréquences - Bands1-30 MHz
Largeur - Width32 m
Puissance admissible - Max. power800 W PEP
Impédance - impedance50 ohms
Connecteur - ConnectorSO-239 (PL)
Hauteur - Height1 m
Poids - Weight6,5 kg

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TACTICAL is suitable for amateurs, military, administrations and private companies because of its ease of implementation, easy transport and performance. It is not sensitive to electrical noise and "background noise", thus maximizing reception.

For optimum performance, the TACTICAL must be installed in a slope, forming an angle of between 30 and 45° approximately and the lowest part must be more than 2 m above the ground.

It is delivered with a plate and collars allowing it to be installed at the top of a mat but also of ropes at the ends to be able to be tended to the horizontal or in "slopper" (inclined). It operates without adjustment and has an SO-239 connector.

The load resistance and the balun are integrated in the central tube (conventional "attack" in 50 ohms). Length : 32 m width : 1 m, maximum power : 800 watts PEP. Use in transmission with coupler recommended.


Use in "Sloper" (oblique) between a high point and another near the ground.

Horizontal use between 2 high points.

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